Smaller fires are sometimes possible to put out without emergency services, so long as you have the help of a trusty fire extinguisher. You can easily get yours from Florida Alarm & Security Technologies LLC, as we offer a specialized fire extinguisher service throughout Central Florida. Our State-certified and factory-trained technicians are ready to meet your needs with an extensive line of fire extinguishers and corresponding accessories. They go a long way toward keeping your workplace safe and following fire codes to protect your property.

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We’re proud to be your source for fire extinguisher inspection, installation, and knowledge. We can explain the different kinds available and which class of fire each is intended to be used for. The underlying principle is that the device removes one or more of the 3 requirements to sustain a fire: oxygen, fuel, and heat. However, this product is only intended for small fires. You should never hesitate to call 911 if the fire spreads or you don’t feel confident in your ability to safely contain it. Remember that possessions can be replaced; your life and health cannot.